The Thing about Star Trek's Mobile Emitter Everyone Seems to Ignore

Today the YouTube channel Certifiably Ingame uploaded a video about the fictional holographic mobile emitter from *Star Trek: Voyager&. It covers most of the details from alpha and beta canon. It also covers the issue of the mobile emitter being a piece of 29th century technology in the 24th century. I personally think it's "supposed to be there" and doesn't violate the Temporal Prime Directive. O.K. Maybe Captain Braxton is to blame. Probably by even 29th century standards he's not the best captain.

Just like all of the other video and wiki postings about the mobile emitter the Certifiably Ingame video posted today doesn't even come close to addressing the really important question: How was Voyager's holographic doctor able to have a child with a humanoid? In beta canon it's explained that The Doctor was named the father by his pregnant "roommate". But then why was The Doctor's explanation to Gotana-Retz that, "It's a long story.," rather than, "I was named as the father."?

I probably need to make a fan theory post about that.

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