I Now Have 10,000 POB Tokens Staked

I now have 10,000 POB staked to my @holovision account. The Proof of Brain rewards decrease by half every 4 years and I want to have at least 20,000 by 2025 when POB halves.

There are 1,194 days until January 1, 2025. The halving will happen a few months after that but it's the time point to use for a quick estimation. I need to stake a little less than ten POB every day on average between now and then to reach that goal.

Right now through curation one of my upvotes gets the post author and myself around 2.5 POB each so even without creating content with one of the Proof of Brain tags I just need to upvote around four posts each day. Seems simple enough to reach the goal.

Onward to 20,000 POB...

Image Source: proofofbrain.io

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