Dizzy Hive - Tokenized Art NFT on Palnet.io

I titled this art piece "Dizzy Hive" and tokenized it as an NFT on palnet.io. It is a rotating 3D cube that is light black against a darker black background. The top of the rotating cube is a pink Hive logo. The sides of the cube are blue and yellow Hive logos. The 3D cube rotates for almost 4 minutes. I tried uploading an animated .gif with infinite loop but palnet.io seemed to keep rejecting the .gif with an error upload message.

The animated.gif animation measures 1056 pixels by 1056 pixels.


There are 51 editions of this tokenized art piece. I am keeping edition #51 and selling the rest.

Editions #2 - #50 are 100 PAL each.
Edition #1 is 200 PAL.


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