Outpost and NFTs

Today I applied for whitelisting on palnet.io's NFT marketplace. I'll be posting a few non-meme 3D printing and 3D art NFTs. I don't know what the fee for minting an NFT on palnet.io is yet but @minnowsupport is currently selling editions of an NFT for 250 PAL so I am guessing it's less than 250 PAL. Maybe it is more and @minnowsupport is selling the first few editions at a loss but I doubt it.

I like seeing the number of tribes migrating to Outpost grow. The NFTs on splintertalk.io look awesome.

Of course I have some bias but I love the meme NFTs that are being posted in the hiveme.me NFT Marketplace. I just bought edition #3 of @dynamicrypto's "Cannabis NFT Meme Garden" for 10,000 MEME while writing this.

Image Source: https://www.hiveme.me/nfts/

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