Holodeck Dummies

Today the Certifiably Ingame YouTube channel posted a video titled "Hidden Tech of the Holodeck". Virtually all of the information in the video I've already seen in other Star Trek fan resources.

A speculation brought up in the video that I have never thought about before or seen brought up is testing the safety of the holodeck. The video asks if there is actually a job in which a person tries to harm themself to test holodeck safety. It seems like in the 23rd century Star Trek universe they would have the equivalent of holodeck-test dummies with sensors to replicate a human being just like the automotive industry has crash-test dummies in the 20th and early 21st centurt.

I'd rather create holonovels but depending on whether or not I would get extra holodeck time for recreation which seems to be rationed in most cases and time needs to be reserved for use on most starships...I guess I'd do that job. Do I get to chose my own scenario in which I put myself in danger testing the holodeck safety? I need some kind of extra incentive because what is "hazard pay" in a post-scarcity interplanetary economy?

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