Want to Use Your Downvote Power?

Let's all stand up against @gangstalking.

Earlier today I saw this reply to a previous reply made by @gangstalking.

Image source: hiveme.me

I think maybe @ganjafarmer has inadvertently come up with Hive's version of the Whac-A-Mole game. Maybe that is the way to sell the idea. It's like a blockchain game but instead of "Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego?" it's "Where on the blockchain will @gangstalking show up next?". Look for patterns and race the clock to try to be the first to downvote the next spam reply. I am sure there will be users with the programming skills to automate their quick responses in that game though.

@ganjafarmer suggests downvoting but maybe we should have the end goal being to try to make a new Hive record. I don't know if there is a finite negative number a reputation score can be but right now @gangstalking is -15.7 according to hiveblocks.com. Can we all coordinate in taking @gangstalking's reputation score as low as possible? Maybe we gang up band together and cyberstalk pursue @gangstalking's spam replies?

Would that be good enough? @gangstalking has 5,810 HP delegated to the account from @sqube. If the @sqube username looks familiar I think that is because it used to issue FQX tokens which were nice at first but seemed to turn just as spammy as the replies from @sqube about getting an upvote from @sqube. It looks like FQX might not even be listed any more on hive-engine.com if I am remembering that token correctly.

@sqube has also delegated 420 HP to @anddumbcunts which might be another alternate account set to issue spam replies eventually.

I am not sure if the @gangstalking replies are made by a bot or a worthless and sad human. The spam account I've been downvoting lately is @hakeemshah96 and I am confident a pathetic human makes the spam replies from that account. If @gangstalking is a bot the users of Hive need to do as @ganjafarmer suggests and be like the John Henry of folklore. Just keep hammering downvote every time @gangstalking, @sqube and maybe also @anddumbcunts spam replies.

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