Back on Track With My Staking Goals

Hive-engine prices didn't suddenly go against me hard like my luck lately has seemed to be causing. I now have over 7000 POB staked to @holovision. I estimate if I hadn't unstaked and sold off all that POB I'd be around 8200 POB at minimum right now but it was worth it. It was just a slight setback that I am recovering from.

I know Proof of Brain's halving is set to occur later than January 2025 but as long as I stake an average of at least a little less than 11 POB to @holovision every day between now and January 01, 2025 I can still reach my goal of 20,000 POB by the halving. I should be able to do that easily by curating and creating content. The more I stake the more I can get from curation each day so the compounding should start to be more noticeable.

I've also got up to 1000 BEE staked to @memehive. I need to get to 5000 BEE @memehive. Whatever I get above 11 POB each day I can convert to BEE as I need it.

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