2500 BEE - @memehive has OUTPOST

Meme Image Source: Inspector Gadget

I've been powering down and selling off some of my HP and POB tokens to fund @memehive. At first it reminded me of that old 1980s Inspector Gadget cartoon. In the episode "Bad Dreams Are Made of This" Penny has a nightmare that her personal computer disguised as a book flies away and is captured by a M.A.D. agent as Dr. Claw's airship takes off. I didn't dream I'd be selling off my staked POB tokens so soon but it was a necessary thing to do.

Today I finally raised enough BEE tokens and got OUTPOST. A few hours later on Discord I received the link to set hiveme.me's CNAME to display the new site. While looking at the @memehive version of OUTPOST any doubt I had about spending 2500 BEE on OUTPOST just melted away.

I keep telling you hiveme.me is going to be awesome. I can now guarantee it will be awesome. OUTPOST is the future for Hive communities. The new CNAME for hiveme.me is set. It will take a little time to propagate and show up on the internet.

I lost a few thousand POB tokens but it was worth it in exchange for what is gained. POB tokens are fungible. I'll get some more new POB tokens to stake by creating and curating content and those POB tokens will be as good as the ones I sold off.

As far as POB staking goes I just had a setback; not a nightmare.

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