Ethics of Circumventing #actifit Excluded Tag on

I thought I was clear in my Actifit report yesterday but I was not as clear as I thought so I'll try again. My bad.

@botefarm replied back to my last Actifit post that it's the user's phone on its own that does the thing that makes @botefarm's Actifit reports appear on and that is believable. Based on the explanation if I had to guess @botefarm is using something like one of those Wiko smartphones.

The point was I thought that having Actifit reports show up on was an interesting thing I didn't think could happen due to the excluded tag settings for POB and I was crediting @botefarm for inspiring me to try an experiment.

"Reverse engineering" isn't to do a 1:1 parity of how something functions. A successful reverse engineering is to figure out how it might be functioning and replicate that function. Sometimes there is more than one way to achieve a result and coming up with an alternative process through abductive reasoning I am sure is "proof of brain" if nothing else is.

I question the ethics of doing that on purpose now that I know I can. If @botefarm has a smartphone that does what I hypothesized was happening that's not @botefarm's fault. I figured out a way of replicating that consciously through a different process. Can I justify the ethics of posting Actifit reports purposely when there is at least one type of smartphone that does it through accident?

Personally I think I can justify the ethics by analogizing it with how under certain circumstances in U.S. law circumventing digital rights management doesn't violate copyright. A long format well thought out Actifit post might be allowable for circumventing the #actifit tag for

Hopefully I made it clear now. Don't blame @botefarm. In my opinion @botefarm has done nothing wrong because the phone did it and even if it didn't I think it's still O.K. but others might not agree. Blame the geek who wants to earn back some POB he had to sell by figuring out a way to get his Actifit reports on

Something else for sure I didn't make clear was why I want to review science videos from the Isaac Arthur YouTube channel for Actifit reports. Why not just make them regular posts?

Due to the global pandemic and being indoors all day I was writing reviews for videos from the Isaac Arthur YouTube channel for Actifit reports. You can scroll back through my history of posts and read them. I got interested in POB which excludes #actifit so I put my effort toward that kind of posting. I'll go back to reviewing science videos on Actifit because Delta varient in California make @holovision stay indoors even more and try not go crazy. As long as @holovision does not start posting in the third person you need not worry about @holovision's mental health. @holovision is fine.

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