Proof of Brain Actifit Tag Token Test

Today's Actifit report is a kind of "reverse engineering" activity I guess. I noticed yesterday that @botefarm has been posting Actifit reports on and that frankly blew my mind because for months I've known @actifit to be an excluded tag for the POB token.

Maybe circumventing tags for token rewards is a major faux pas and just because another user is doing it doesn't prove it's ethical. Then again it used to be considered unethical for lawyers to advertise in America but try watching old episodes of I Dream of Jeannie on cable TV nowadays at 3 a.m. without seeing a DUI defense attorney's ad.

If I've figured out how @botefarm is doing this (uploading report and then editing the #actifit tag to a capital A afterward) and nobody minds I'll use this trick and resume to review those Isaac Arthur science videos from YouTube.

Or maybe a bunch of replies will warn me not to. In that case this was just an academic "proof of brain" cybersecurity test of its token type of thing.

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