Running the Numbers

Doing a back-of-the-envelope calculation:

Right now @memehive has rounded to the nearest BEE 1531 of the 2500 BEE needed to get outpost for What does the BUY price of POB have to be minimum for next week after my next HIVE and POB power down assuming:

None of the 1000 POB I am currently trying to sell at 0.8 HIVE each gets sold.
No MEME gets sold before next week, no donations, no other source for funding than my power downs.
BEE costs at most 2 HIVE each.
Not including POB rewards for posts between now and then.

Hive power down will be 413 HIVE. Sending to exchange fee round down to 400 HIVE.

400 HIVE/2HIVE=200 BEE

That would get @memehive to 1731 BEE.

POB power down will be 1870 POB + 1000 already have trying to sell at 0.8 HIVE each. = 2870 POB to sell

2500 BEE - 1731 BEE = Need 769 BEE

769 BEE at 2 HIVE each = Need 1538 HIVE

1538 HIVE / 2870 POB = BUY price to sell all POB is 0.5359 HIVE per POB minimum next Monday afternoon on to get enough BEE for @memehive to get outpost.

This is karma for me because I started a secret society to keep the price of SIM down due to the lack of holographic technology in @dcitygame, isn't it?

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