My Actifit Report Card: July 20 2021

I did what I mentioned in a post yesterday and asked about the possibility of getting in on the half off deal to tribe owners for OUTPOST. I got a "We'll see". Anybody who wants to pray with me is welcome to join in.

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I told you all MEME token would be launched on Hive. It took longer than I had planned but it did happen. I am letting you all know now MemeHive will use OUTPOST....sooner or later. If the gods smile upon me it will be at most a month from now. Plan A is continuing the power down of my @holovision account. After 4 weeks that's more than 1600 HIVE to buy BEE. Plan B is what @memehive can raise. Plan C is unstaking my most valuable hive-engine token I have in abundance and selling off however much of that I need to bridge the difference between what I can get and 2500 BEE. I've already started unstaking my POB which unstakes fully within a month. If I was able to sell off all my POB right now that would be over 4000 HIVE to buy BEE. What are the chances POB will be worth less than it's current 0.56 HIVE value in a month? (Ominous music starts playing in the background). Weird ring tone for my Android phone, am I right?

If the final answer from @aggroed is "no" and I have to pay 5000 BEE to get OUTPOST for MemeHive then I'll still raise the 5000 BEE. It will just take longer than a month. A "no" means I cancel the unstaking of my POB. The selling off of POB is from desperation to get a great deal on OUTPOST. 5000 BEE is still a deal based on all the things OUTPOST has to offer but I believe POB is going to be worth a lot in a few years.
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