Watching a DIY Video on YouTube

I was checking YouTube to see what had been posted recently that's hologram related or adjacent. Maybe get inspiration for my next hologram-themed caper in Gotham city. A lot of people believe that the word "hologram" means any kind of volumetric light display. Proper holograms require a coherent light source and interference patterns but my head has been knocked around enough times by a vigilante who cosplays as a flying mammal to accept the common layman's definition.

Anyway, I watched this video on the AUNGAN Innovative Ideas channel. It's similar to what other people have done to generate "holograms" with a smartphone but this YouTuber's shtick is wearing a box with a face drawn on it for a head.

The quality of the video and the YouTube channel isn't what is important. The YouTube channel has been up for around two months and currently has only 24 subscribers. What matters is that if this channel becomes popular on YouTube somehow I was one of the first to write a blog post about the channel.

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