3D Printed Dinosaurs Shouldn't have Skirts

I added a base to the dinosaur model I've been trying to print. That takes care of the uneven bottom. However, I guess I can't defeat the inevitable. The dinosaur just doesn't stay flat on the print bed.

Yesterday I printed another physical cryptocurrency token that I'll post about soon. For that printing I used a skirt to prime the extruder. After finishing I should have set the slicer to raft support for the dinosaur model but I forgot. I was getting better at remembering to at least keep it set at brim by default.

I was about 10 meters of filament into the latest dinosaur print before I realized my mistake. The curling off the print bed was more obvious in the back than the front so I just kept it going. It's for my own personal display and I might reprint this model later using glow in the dark filament. That will give me a second chance to get this model correct. Well, fourth chance I guess.

Image Source: Personal Photo

In other words close enough for now. Or as the old saying goes, "A work of art is never completed, only abandoned." I'll be posting about this dinosaur model soon. I have other things like a puzzle by @small1axe to 3D model and print.
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