Stuffed Bear on a Sidewalk

While walking down the street today I saw a small stuffed toy bear laying on the sidewalk. Maybe I think too much but I couldn't help but wonder if there was a story behind the bear. How did the bear get there? Did it just fall off a stroller? Did some kid steal it and discard it? Did it have great significance to someone? Does it still have significance? Is there a child somewhere crying their heart out and a parent who doesn't know the bear is on a public sidewalk possibly just a block away?

I left the toy bear untouched where it rested. Maybe the bear will be found and reunited with its child. Maybe a homeless person will find it and try to make a dollar selling it. Maybe it will just end up in the local landfill.

I've lost things before. Maybe in a few decades the concept of a "lost and found" will be anachronistic due to the internet of everything. Someday a child may drop a stuffed toy bear and just like a dog or a cat a chip in the toy will identify the parent who bought it.

Image Source: Personal Photo

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