Powering Down 5,350 HP

My birthday is coming up soon and this year I am buying myself a tribe on the Hive blockchain. That's why almost 24 hours ago I started powering down my account. I am going to convert it to BEE and pay the expenses. I'll probably end up needing a little extra so I might need to unstake my LEO and (gasp) maybe a little POB unstaking also.

This started back on the "other" blockchain before Hive was created from a hardfork. When Hive-engine tokens started I created MEME token on Hive and abandoned the steem-engine MEME token. There was a trade-in window for MEME Steem to Hive token. Since then the token has been stagnant.

The original plan was to get a job after getting certified as an assistive technology specialist and use some of the money I'd be receiving toward creating a meme tribe. The pandemic derailed that plan and now I am a year behind where I'd like to be. I'd prefer to keep all my HIVE and remain a dolphin but I believe in the long run creating a tribe is a good choice. I can always create more content and work my account back up to where it is now.

I have 102 HP that I will keep delegated to @curangel. They do excellent work and help the Hive platform.

Image Source: https://hiveblocks.com/@holovision

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