The Future is Now

Not quite current but I watched a short Isaac Arthur video posted on YouTube near the end of 2018 about Isaac Asimov's predictions for the future year of 2019. Yes, this post is Isaac squared.

Isaac Asimov correctly predicted nuclear war wouldn't break out. There is a list of nuclear close calls on Wikipedia and it might have happened January 25, 1995. I like the logic of predicting nuclear war wouldn't happen because contemplating a post-World War III future isn't worth the effort. That future is more like getting sent back in time centuries.

It's great that a person who was the spokesman for an early '80s computer was right about a non-fallout devastated future. Here I am in 2021 on a vastly more powerful computer. I can use my computer to create a 3D model and I have a 3D printer that can construct my model layer by layer of plastic. With a few dollars worth of PLA filament and electricity I can potentially create something valuable to sell. I can also write about what I created and post it on the Hive blockchain for cryptocurrency.

Very nice future it seems.

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