A Little Info About Beam Powered Space Travel

I don't hate the Isaac Arthur video I watched today. I am just disappointed. The video's title is "Beam Powered Spaceships". If it had been titled "The Rocket Equation" I wouldn't have been so disappointed. My expectation wasn't meet.

Most of the video covered the rocket equation and concepts of propulsion and thrust. That's fine but I was hoping for more of what was in the video's title. I was in the mood for talk of firing laser beams or some other form of photon energy to propel spaceships. If you kept everything that was actually about photon-assisted rocketry and cut out the rest I'd estimate this video would have been about five minutes long. I am a little picky this time but I would have watched this some other day if I had known how scarce the information I wanted to get from this video was.

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