Graphene is Great

This was a good Isaac Arthur video. A lot of material packed into a 20 minute timespan. As long as a viewer has taken a high school chemistry class it shouldn't be too much to follow.

Graphene is pretty simple: a single layer of carbon atoms arranged in a 2D honeycomb (perfect for a Hive post! Get it? Honeycomb? Hive?) lattice. Depending on how multiple layers are set up different properties can be utilized. Right now graphene is in limited commercial use and there's still a lot of research and development happening. There are supercapacitors that use graphene commercially available for hobbyists. The Isaac Arthur video posted last year mentions Tesla company possibly using graphene in their electric car batteries but a search on Google doesn't show any official announcements about that yet.

Since nanotechnology is important for further development of better computer technology graphene will be a useful material. It's biological impact is still being studied so graphene's use in medical technology isn't as clear.

The video briefly mentions other elements chemically similar to carbon (metalloids) that can form 2D atomic sheets like graphene and have the -ene suffix. I want to know more about the arsenic allotrope arsenene because of its possible use in LEDs and maybe laser diodes.

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