Antimatter Holograms

I was going to go into all of the interesting things about antimatter from the Isaac Arthur video I watched today. How antimatter could be used to catalyze a fusion reaction. Why Titanium-44 is an interesting isotope, ect. But Isaac Arthur said this in the video:

You’ve heard of using lasers as optical tweezers I’d imagine, and they’d be one way to manipulate these particles without electrostatics or magnetostatics, allowing us to play with electrically neutral antimatter.

Since these things we call particles can be thought of as really being energy patterns with specific wave-states, we might be able to literally build them out of light, in the configuration and location of our choosing, using certain extensions of 3D holography.

Essentially using a specialized waveguide to produce two equal and opposite interference patterns of intense light to pull the desired particle pair out of the quantum foam and tease them apart, be it an electron and positron or a proton and antiproton or a neutron and antineutron. Eventually even something much bigger like a molecule and its anti-molecule, which would be a lot easier to store at a desirable density. That’s pretty far out there and probably a topic worthy of its own episode, but deserves a mention.

That's all I can think about from the video now. In a post-scarcity Kardashev I+ future of humanity it's someone's job to make anti-iron metal from light that will be magnetically suspended in a vacuum compartment onboard a spacecraft providing power for space exploration.

It reminded me of another video that talked about creating physical crystals with mass from light. It's on The Film Theorists YouTube channel. I thought it was interesting when I originally watched the video linked below but now it is really food for thought.

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