Atoms Will Continue Powering the Future

This video posted on YouTube last September was the sixth anniversary video of Isaac Arthur's YouTube channel. The reason I watched it today was because I've been thinking a lot about electrical power generation lately and a few of the next Isaac Arthur videos I'll be posting about will be related to energy.

Many different methods of splitting atoms for power and heat were covered. Sometimes the waste heat byproduct of atomic power generation can be used for desalination or commercial use.

The best thing I learned from watching this video is that Australia is developing a method called Silex that uses powerful lasers to enrich nuclear fuel. Apparently mostof the technology is classified so alarms probably went off somewhere when I searched for more information using

The experimental reactors of today are incredible. In a decade or two my neighborhood might be running off a modular reactor. I am sure whatever the next generation of young geniuses will come up with can only get more sophisticated.

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