In Ancient Times Emperor Trump Ruled Hamerica

I watched Isaac Arthur's "Cyclic Apocalypses" video because I came to a different conclusion from yesterday's posted video from his YouTube cahnnel and I wanted to hear what Isaac Arthur said in this scenario which I believe is more realistic.

Just like in yesterday's video Isaac Arthur expressed the opinion that after a horrible cataclysm humans would eventually be able to rediscover and/or reinvent technology that was lost in the cataclysm relatively quickly; maybe after a few generations. Again I disagree with that even after watching this video.

Isaac Arthur stated that humanity has used up most of the easily obtainable oil, gas and coal. All the remainder would be harder to obtain limiting a future civilization's ability to use fossil fuels for their technological development. I agree with that and that would be a sign of "our" technological level that can be inferred thousands of years from now.

Isaac Arthur later states that there are millions of copies of most technologies due to mass production. A good sample of that should be able to still exist whatever cataclysm that could cause society to fall and regress.

The thing though is that second point should follow the logic of the first point. There are millions of computers. A cataclysm happens. Most of the high quality and excellent examples are going to be destroyed. Those are the easy examples of computers to find in schools, homes, offices, ect. There are landfills but finding multiple good examples of a certain computer model would be hard to do. Maybe like dinosaur bones future archeologists could find whole examples of computer towers intact from the 1990s, laptops from the 2000s, assorted circuit boards that may or may not have been from ancient "computers". Maybe from that those archeologists could establish computer circuitry had certain patterns. That doesn't mean they could ever recreate a computer. Maybe from scraps of ancient books they might read about logic gates and switches. From a scrap of 1970s dictionary they understand what a toggle switch was and have examples of "switches" but a transistor doesn't look like that. Some of the information in the chain to understanding will probably be lost and languages evolve so translations aren't exact.

Most products aren't built to last for more than a few years just from everyday use (cough, Apple, cough) so at best they'll make inferior reproductions from their research into ancient Hamerican artifacts. Yeah, that's right. In 5000 years they'll still be telling stories about the mighty country of Hamerica and how great a leader emperor George Lincoln Trump was.

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