22nd Century Barbarians

Isaac Arthur's videos tend to be optimistic. That's fine. I hope a huge solar flare never takes out the electric grid on a large scale so we can have 6G, 7G, 8G, ect. smartphones and a.i. powered robots. I would love for scientific progress to continue. I think this video though is far more optimistic than can actually be justified if things don't continue as expected. To me this video seems like a "if there is a collapse of modern society we'll have a generation or two of steampunk and then get back on track".

If I made this video it would be more like a "maybe if it's not too bad we'll be knocked back a century but more likely we're going to be back to the 1500s level for a long, long time". I'd bet on the protracted epoch and expect a social collapse to be more like the collapse of the Bronze Age than the Roman Empire.

Society is now global. Maybe a huge problem spread out might cushion the amount of collapse. If it gets really, really bad though the entropy of social decay would probably get even more accelerated.

This video below from the Fire of Learning YouTube channel is what I believe would be more realistic than a generation or two of techno-barbarians.

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