Alien Beer Could Cause Humanity's Downfall

Last week in a post I referred to the fictional alien race Aschen from the Stargate franchise. Isaac Arthur used them as one of many examples of parasitic fictional aliens in the video above. He also mentioned the TV series Threshold which I haven't thought about lately and I guess almost forgot about. I am glad I was reminded about that series. It had a wonderful premise. The #cinetv tribe mutes posts with the #actifit tag so I'll need to add a post about Threshold to the queue of posts I want to eventually write.

I didn't realize there were so many examples of parasites in nature that survive through methods of "mind control". There is also the route of addiction. An example given in the video is that there is a type of acacia tree that produces a nectar that ants find addictive. The nectar causes the ants to lose the ability to digest anything but the nectar and the ants protect the trees from animals and weeds.

At this point I'd go into the the example of alien beer from the video. Here's the problem: If you're just reading to find out about the alien beer scenario you won't need to watch the video to hear about it. That means less YouTube views for Isaac Arthur. Less views for his videos might cause Isaac Arthur to get discouraged and he might create fewer or no more videos. That would further limit the finite supply of Isaac Arthur videos I can review for Actifit reports. Therefore you need to watch the video above so the view number can go up and I can continue feeding watching more Isaac Arthur videos.

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