Drones, Stargate and Mary Steenburgen

It used to be that when I heard the word "drone" and had to associate it with an example from fiction my response would have been the drone weapons of the Ancients from the Stargate franchise. Then The Last Man on Earth came along and poisoned my mind with the Gail character (Mary Steenburgen) describing the drone she saw as "a flying record player". How am I supposed to not imagine a record player being turned into a drone?

There are several references to Jack O'Neill's (Richard Dean Anderson) infatuation with Mary Steenburgen listed in the Stargate Fandom wiki.

Isaac Arthur discussed drone technology in this video and how the factors such as power and speed can affect a drone's performance. For autonomous drones there are ethical considerations as well for how "autonomous" a drone should be. This was emphasized when Isaac Arthur discussed drones being used for defense and in warfare. Some aspects of drones in space were discussed and I would have liked more of that in its own video.

Maybe someday I'll own my own drone. There are several areas "near me" according to an internet search where flying a drone is allowed. To get to those places I would need to take a bus. There is a regional community park within a short walk of my apartment. It's not as clear through a search on Google whether drones are allowed at that park so I'd have to research the local ordinances.

Apparently as a licensed amateur radio operator (callsign W3DTV) I would be legally allowed to remote control a FPV (first-person view) drone. If I can operate a kind of drone that some other hobbyists aren't legally allowed to fly then I guess my first drone will probably be FPV.

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