Do You Mind Pickled Brains?

I am going to combine two Isaac Arthur videos is the same post again. I am honestly not trying to make this a habit. To make up for my bias of preferring mind uploading I'll put that video link at the end. I will still make a post title mocking the first video.

I learned a new term while watching these Isaac Arthur videos today: "Heath Robinson device". Wikipedia describes that term as:

In the UK, the term "Heath Robinson contraption" gained dictionary recognition around 1912.It became part of popular language during the 1914–1918 First World War as a description of any unnecessarily complex and implausible contrivance. Other cartoonists drew on similar themes; by 1928 the American Rube Goldberg was known for "Rube Goldberg machines" in the United States. "Heath Robinson contraption" is perhaps most commonly used in relation to temporary fixes using ingenuity and whatever is to hand, often string and tape, or unlikely cannibalisations. Its continuing popularity was undoubtedly linked to Britain's shortages and the need to "make do and mend" during the Second World War.

Why have I not come across that term before? I believe I must have and just overlooked it. It's now part of my vocabulary to be used whenever the occasion arises.

I understand why the "brain in a jar" concept is practical but it wouldn't be my preference for a method of life extension. Brains are bulky. It takes more energy to send a larger mass at relativistic speed. An uploaded mind could in principle be transmitted at the velocity of light since it is data. As the "Mind Uploading" video points out multiple copies could be made of the mind. The video goes into emulation and how the assumption that the brain could ever be truly simulated using silicon substrate might be false.

The "Life as a Brain in a Jar" video gives the estimation that a Dyson swarm could power life support for 2.4 trillion trillion human brains using roughly an Earth's mass of material. Maybe that's more efficient but the brains would still be limited to the biological limitations. Why put my biological brain in a robotic body? I am not scared of commitment. If my body is robotic then why not have a really awesome computer running my conscious?

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