Smug Trek

Apparently I am borrowing this post's title from one of Isaac Arthur's friends. It is from the second video linked below. I am combining two Isaac Arthur videos in this post because "Benevolent Aliens" strongly references "Smug Aliens".

When I think of the term "benevolent aliens" in my mind I picture the Aschen from Stargate: SG-1; not that alien race exactly but a version of the "2010" episode in which the Aschen aren't trying to make the human race functionally extinct over generations. In the Stargate universe the Aschen are conspiratorial aliens and I posted about that Isaac Arthur video near the end of March.

Isaac Arthur brings up the possibility that a civilization that has a "prime directive" against interference would have rogue members interfering with the populations of other worlds or other space-faring societies not subject to the civilization interfering. I am not sure the Star Trek franchise is the best example to use. There is a fan theory that the Federation is fascist. It seems like when someone in the series seriously questions the Federation's Prime Directive they are immediately contradicted and/or shouted down by "right think" members nearby without much counter-argument. Don't take my word for that. Just ask Dr. Crusher.

The Ferengi aren't exactly cooperative with the United Federation of Planets but the only on-screen instance I can recall of Ferengi interference with less technologically advanced societies was the Star Trek: Voyager episode "False Profits" in which two Ferengi were accidentally trapped in the Delta Quadrant and believed they were far outside the reach of the Federation. That makes it seem like non-interference is obeyed due to intimidation and fear.

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