Trading and Acquisition in Space

Most of the second half of this Isaac Arthur video covers the concept of an Aldrin cycler which had already been discussed in another Isaac Arthur video I haven't made a post about yet. This concept was brought up again because it is one of the most energy efficient spacecraft trajectories and that relates to most of what the first half of the video discussed.

No mention of the Ferengi in this video about the future of interstellar trade. Instead the issues of time and energy required for space treks are addressed. Sending information is faster and the energy needed is limited by the power output of the transmitter. The thought experiment of a bottle of wine from Alpha Centauri was used. To move a bottle of wine over four light years at relativistic speed a lot of energy is required which can be scaled to the cost of generating electricity.

Can we trust Isaac Arthur's calculations though? Ferengi Rule of Acquisition #5 states: Always exaggerate your estimates.

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