Eugenics and Star Trek

One technique that’s almost never discussed is what we might call “neural shaping”. This would be the artificial guiding of a person’s own neurons to produce engineered circuits.

No discussion needed. I want that. Please give me that. Fund that Elon Musk. We need to get on top of that people!

If I ever make a list of my top 10 favorite Isaac Arthur videos this week's video needs to be on that list. It's tricky because biotechnology can bring back some of the worst eugenics ideas from the early 20th century but biotech could also bring forth greater life quality and the end of disease thing Star Trek keeps referring to.

In the video Isaac Arthur referred to the Star Trek character Khan Noonien Singh who was a result of the late 20th century's Eugenics Wars in the Star Trek universe. The video didn't mention Dr. Julian Bashir who was illegally genetically engineered as a child on Adigeon Prime and hid that for a good portion of his life from his friends and colleagues. Geordi La Forge's VISOR is an example of augmentation in Star Trek. O.K. I understand there are a lot of fictional examples from Star Trek that could have filled up the whole video. Some great examples while others are Pike's chair going "Beep!" and flashing lights.

Around the time the global pandemic started I got certified as an assistive technology specialist through CSUDH. I am sure I'll eventually be writing blog posts about many of the other aspects brought up in this week's Isaac Arthur video. Since STEMGeeks excludes the Actifit tag I'll save my other comments for STEM token rewards later.

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