From Scarcity to Abundance

This Isaac Arthur video is about how humanity can transition to a Type I civilization on the Kardashev scale. Energy production, automation, supply chains and resource distribution are addressed. A lot of scarcity today can be attributed to the cost of energy to produce goods and services. By being able to harness an equivalent amount of energy that the Earth receives from the Sun all the basic needs can be made abundant. Virtually free energy can be used for 3D printing homes, heating/cooling, desalination, hydroponics, ect.

I've been interested in the Kardashev scale ever since I read Dr. Michio Kaku's Hyperspace book and I've been thinking a lot more about becoming a Type I civilization during the global pandemic. COVID-19 has made it really clear that basic needs are still somewhat scarce even in the First World countries. People losing their jobs can be protected from eviction during the pandemic but that just moves their potential homeless situation to a later point in time. Sudden spikes in demand for products during an event like the still on-going pandemic can't be easily filled with supplies when the factories producing the products scale back production, don't have enough materials or shut down due to workers being "nonessential". It seems clear to me that more automation and a universal basic income need to be in place by the time the next global emergency occurs.

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