A Future Without Garbage?

I am putting an Isaac Arthur video at the beginning and ending of this Actifit report because the details intersect at several points: energy, heat and recovering discarded material.

The first video covers "our" future when it comes to garbage as a pre-Type I Kardashev scale civilization. The rule of thumb used in the video is that the average person generates one cubic meter of trash a year. Automation can help with recycling. The automated garbage trucks and drones to fly household trash away are interesting things to think about. More energy, artificial intelligence and the internet of things can help manage and reduce the amount of waste produced.

The second video below is more relevant for Type I and higher Kardashev scale civilizations. Greater amounts of energy can be generated in space without producing pollution and material can be melted and reformed using solar kilns. Having more energy means creating more waste heat which needs to be radiated away.

As Dyson swarms are built there will be need for maintenance and repair which uses material. As a galactic civilization grows the amount of material needed increases which means more reuse of what the civilization once buried or burned.

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