FTL Post

Isaac Arthur started the video with a version of the Doctor Who theme. Nice. I should probably download this video from YouTube for archival purposes before some new stricter European copyright law gets made. Or American super DMCA gets enacted. No country or continent has a monopoly on overbearing copyright enforcement. They delegate that monopoly to the private sector.

Wow, I got a little political there. Maybe if a bunch of users unfollow me I can go back in time and stop myself from making this post. Would that be a paradox? Would the universe just split into one universe in which I made this post and another universe in which I watched a different video?

Most likely faster than light is impossible but I have an open mind. If faster than light communication is possible then it would just set a different maximum velocity for information transfer in the universe. I think time travel is possible without having to go faster than light. An example of how it would hypothetically be possible is Ronald Mallett.

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