Aliens in the Multiverse

It would be interesting if the method of making a gateway to another reality involved assembling a micro-blackhole gateway to it composed specifically of digits of its address sent in packets of energy. If any writers listening to this feel like incorporating that as a novel form of wormhole travel, feel free to steal the idea. - Isaac Arthur

Uuuhhh....Sliders TV series. I am pretty sure that's how the timer works. Isaac Arthur didn't mention that series in the video. As far as that TV series is concerned the Fermi paradox solution would seem to be the multiverse due to the Kromaggs. Also the episode "The Return of Maggie Beckett" featured a world in which the U.S. government disclosed the existence of extraterrestrials.

I had a personal experience with an actor who had a role in a fourth season episode of Sliders. He was an instructor at my local community college and he could have gotten the college in some serious legal trouble when he attempted to violate federal law. I might someday write a post about that.

I digress. The video goes into the concept that seemingly impossible things have an incredibly tiny finite chance of happening. There are several different ideas on how a multiverse might be possible and the video focuses on the many-worlds interpretation.

Because this video presents the multiverse as a possible Fermi paradox solution it also focuses on the possibilty of colonizing worlds in which life never evolved or might have gone extinct. The video also emphasizes how large of an amount of possible universes might exist if the idea is true.

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