Sports Beyond Earth

Guess what? An Actifit report that actually touches on sports today. I have a private playlist on YouTube of all the Isaac Arthur videos I haven't posted about yet and while looking through the list today I thought it's time to get the one about sports in space out of the list.

In case you missed the explanation in past posts; due to the current global pandemic I am home a lot nowadays so a daily Actifit report about life would tend to be somewhat repetitive. There are many videos Isaac Arthur has posted on his channel over the years and they are interesting so that is what I've made my Actifit report into covering.

Dogs in spacesuits mushing across the surface of an icy planet. The future of dogsled racing. That was my favorite possible future sport mentioned in the video. I like dogs, Dogs love physical activity. I don't have to be the one exercising. What can be better than that?

Several fictional sports were mentioned in the video. One fictional sport not mentioned is Pyramid from the Battlestar Galactica franchise.

Another topic I don't believe the video covered was incorporating virtual reality. I think most spaceships would be designed to be as compact as possible to maximize efficiency. Immersing oneself in a virtual environment would make a psychological difference.

The video goes into how work and survival could be made into a game or sport. Another possibility brought up was racing the sun's terminator line between day and night on a small planet. Mercury's terminator line moves roughly 2 miles per hour and most people can walk faster than that.

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