What Comes After the Human Species?

The latest Isaac Arthur videp is about post-human species and according to the video there may be valid reason to believe that many diverse species will inherit the Earth from the modern human species. Normally in most cases evolution would slowly over thousands of generations and millions of years lead to further divergence. With animal uplifting, genetic engineering and synthetic biology evolution might be manipulated.

The video gives the example of a mule which is the sterile offspring of a horse and donkey. Kind of like a human and a robotic android marrying which can't have children. With genetic engineering offspring might be possible for different species mating which would never naturally occur.

The video also mentions the example of grizzly bears and polar bears. At the beginning the genetic difference wasn't so great but when polar bears developed a mutation which allowed them to move into colder environments polar bears and grizzly bears grew furth apart in difference which lead to furth genetic drift. This was an analogy for humans leaving Earth and colonizing space. It's not clear yet what genetic traits would allow for better adaption for living in space but whatever traits those are will be more successfully soread by colonies that do better in the long run. Some traits might need to artificially be added to the genetics which can't arise naturally such as breathing in a different atmosphere.

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