Galactic Hitchhiker

I've hitchhiked only once in my life. I wasn't alone when I did it and it just had to be done. There was no other way I could have traveled at the time. I know it is dangerous and that's why it was a one time only thing (so far).

Instead of 200 miles across Florida imagine if I had to traverse the Milky Way galaxy. Most likely being in suspended animation if faster than light travel is impossible. Brief times conscious between thousands of years being unconscious. While frozen I am sure there are no dreams during that time.

There's no going back. By the time I would have reached the first star years, most likely decades if not centuries would have passed. The Earth would be different if I decided to return.

As the video points out money might be a problem if I have to pay my way after arriving at each point. What kind of currency would be used at the next star a thousand years from now? The video suggested transmitting the amount at light speed so it can earn some compound interest during the slower than light travel lag. But a lot of things can happen to a bank or financial institution within a few centuries.

Anyway, I don't think I'd be a hitchhiker in space. Colonizing one of the nearby planets seems more interesting. I also don't like the thought that it's possible I could go into suspended animation but never wake up. Not just banks can fail over a few centuries. Spaceships can fail also. Even the one I'd be on.

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