Happy First Contact Day

On April 5th, 2063 Zefram Cochrane took off from his launching facility in Bozeman, Montana and flew the Phoenix to warp 1.0. This drew the attention of a nearby Vulcan ship resulting in the first open contact.

That's Star Trek lore and wasn't mentioned in the Isaac Arthur video I watched today. It's April 5 though so happy First Contact day.

What was actually in the video was a lot of speculation. Isaac Arthur covered nine different scenarios under which first contact could happen. Some of them would be rather disappointing such as coming across the ruins of an extinct alien species' civilization. Maybe there would be a vault with archived DNA to bring the alien life back. Maybe the aliens have already been here and were mistaken as gods by past civilizations. In those passive contact scenarios archeologists would probably be the most involved by studying any evidence left from the aliens.

Maybe faster than light communication is possible. If not Earth's first physical meeting with aliens may never be possible. If there is any other alien life the closest civilization might be on the other side of the galaxy or in an entirely different part of the visible Universe. If active contact with aliens could be established anthropologists would most likely be the most involved with first contact.

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