Teleportation (Not Mentioning The Tomorrow People)

You know that desk in the workspace photo on that @dbuzz post I made the other day? I am going to be replacing it soon. Like the post stated it takes up a "chunk" of the room. I brought it with the move to a smaller apartment last year. That means I'll also have to move some stuff around. Too bad I can't just teleport a new desk into my room the moment I wanted. As far as any of you know I can't do that. But what if, hypothetically, I could teleport objects including myself. How would that work?

On a quantum level there is quantum entanglement and quantum tunneling. The video also discusses converting matter into a beam of mesons. Mesons weakly interact with matter so it can pass through virtually anything. When the mesons decay it becomes the original matter. The trick is how to time the half-lives to coincide correctly so the matter reintegrates.

On an atomic or molecular scale an object can be scanned and recorded as data. An incredibly large amount of data for anything of significant size. Then the data needs to be transmitted in a reasonable amount of time. Assuming that can be done a copy can be constructed most likely in a manner similar to additive manufacturing (3D printing).

Once teleportation is possible that opens up many possibilities. Medical, engineering, construction, ect. The world becomes more malleable.

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