Space Dragnet

Law enforcement in space. It's a rather interesting thing to think about. Getting into space is expensive. Right now the ways to get into space is be highly educated and go through the government or buy a seat on a private space shuttle.

While watching the video I was thinking about what the stupidest crime that could be committed in space would be. So far what I've come up with is stealing copper wire. Even if the thief only targeted the redundant systems those are reserved for an emergency. Maybe that's technically sabotage or maybe even attempted manslaughter. I don't know. It's already a stupid enough crime on Earth. I'd like to say it could never happen but it just takes one stupid human for it to happen.

Near the end of the video it talks about the problems a justice system might have. It might take days or weeks if not months for a law enforcement officer or detective to get to a remote space colony. Due to the speed of light there would be a lag in communication. The possibility of an artificial intelligence serving as a judge or jury was brought up. No juror summons for me if I go to space. Maybe that's why I've been watching all of these space colonization videos.

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