Colonizing the Asteroids

This is similar to yesterday's video except science has more information about what's available through direct observation. The video's title refers to the asteroid Ceres but the video is really about colonizing the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter.

Probably more importantly than figuring out the engineering will be setting up the laws governing property rights. Who has the authority to sell or rent out an asteroid? What happens when there is a dispute over a claim?

Real estate tip from the video: Purchase depleted asteroids that have been mined as much as possible. Most of the rock has already been excavated for a living area inside the asteroid.

The video briefly discusses the unit of brightness of a light (lumen) and points out that the amount of sun that reaches the asteroid belt is roughly equivalent to a cloudy day on Earth. Ultraviolet and other ionizing frequencies will need to be filtered out since there's no atmosphere to naturally do that.

The greatest idea brought up in the video I believe is towing Ceres closer to Mars so the tidal gravity energy can be used to possibly reactivate mars' core. I guess it could always be towed back to its original orbit later.

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