Hypothetically the Worst Place For a Space Colony

This Isaac Arthur colonization video is different since the Oort Cloud is a hypothesized part of space. There's no direct scientific evidence that it exists but its existence would help explain long-period comets. Because of its lack of observable features estimates can range for its distance and total mass.

Why colonize the Oort Cloud? Examples would be hiding from hostile aliens (Why hide there? Wouldn't the aliens have come from beyond the Oort Cloud originally?) or as a new area to live after an aging Sun grows brighter and larger.

As the video points out it would take hundreds of years to drag raw material mass from the Oort Cloud to the inner solar system in a way that wouldn't expel so much energy to make it a loss. Once a ship gets up to a significant velocity it is unlikely that it would slow down or stop at the Oort Cloud. Mining the Oort Cloud seems only reasonable when all the other raw material from the Solar System has been harvested.

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