In Isaac Arthur's latest video he covered the topic of bringing the dead back to life. Kind of like the dinosaurs I mentioned in yesterday's post.

It gives one a lot to think about what exactly bringing the dead back to a living state means. As the video points out advances in medicine have redefined what is generally considered "dead". Hearts that stop can often be restarted and people who stop breathing can potentially be resuscitated.

A person's consciousness might be considered information. Their body's molecular structure can also in principle be encoded into a computer as data. Information experiences entropy just like matter can. Entropy constantly increasing overall in the Universe is an accepted scientific fact. Certain amounts of entropy may be reversed but it takes more energy to decrease entropy than increase it. It's also often practically impossible to calculate the previous state a collection of atoms and molecules were in. Can science ever truly resurrect a person who died hundreds or thousands of years ago? God only knows seems like the perfect answer.

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