Large Upcoming Technological Revolutions

Isaac Arthur posted this video sometime after publishing his "Quiet Revolution" video. The first video focused on the unexpected consequences of future technology. With some overlap this video focused on the likely technologies that are more near-future and the results that can be anticipated.

There are jobs that will be virtually gone within the next decade or two. There's a lot of discussion about self-driving cars and obviously delivery trucks and vans can become equally as autonomous so if you want to become a trucker you probably should do that now before it's too late.

Cashiers will also be obsolete. Carl's Jr. has expressed a desire to automate its restaurants so I expect that will be happening to the one in my neighborhood sooner or later.

A well educated workforce will be needed. Both blue and white collar workers will be displaced but at the same time paying salaries to less workers can bring the cost of many items and services down.

Ubiquitous physical computing can allow for better resource management. The video gives examples of renting out expensive tools that are seldom used similar to the model of Airbnb and Uber.

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