Colonies on Pluto

Quite a bit of fictional narrative in the Isaac Arthur video I watched today. A space captain who sails the spaceship between locations in the Solar System.

Much like Mercury, colonies on Pluto will most likely be built under the planet's surface. Pluto isn't technically a planet but just go with it. Categories in astronomy are sometimes hit and miss. Pluto could be a binary planet with Charon. They colonies will probably be cylindrical habitats relying on nuclear fusion for light, heat and energy. Much of Pluto's surface is covered in solid ice composed of nitrogen which is essential for agriculture. For other organic matter tholins and other organic macromolecules can be imported for processing and refinement.

Like other objects in the Kuiper belt Pluto has a low escape velocity so sending rockets between Pluto and another location like Charon is easier and requires less fuel.

I guess living in a colony on Pluto is like living in Alaska. Not many people choose to live there but there is unique opportunities for living there. If it ends up being mostly technicians and scientists than maybe comparing it to living in Antarctica might be a better analogy. In any case staying on Pluto long enough means having the chance to see a total solar eclipse somewhere other than Earth.

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