War. War Technology Changes.

As a person who watches more TV than he probably should; one of my fantasies is waking up one morning and hearing on the news that the government just declassified documents revealing that every episode of Hogan's Heroes was based on true stories from WWII.

I didn't hear Isaac Arthur mention the name of Sun Tzu in his most recent video but many of the ideas from the philosophy were alluded to. There was talk about smart drones, robots and other methods of brute force but I am more fascinated by the warfare that will probably take place on the internet. Encrypting an enemy's data or altering an enemy's ability to process data.

I don't know. I guess I am a get smart or die kind of person. Aiming a weapon and blowing stuff up I think most people can handle without much knack or talent. I am more impressed by the art of deception and misdirection. I've stated before I tend to support a meritocracy. That seems consistent with my views on war.

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