Mars Needs Colonists

If I have to choose one philosophical camp I guess I am in the camp of complete terraforming of Mars. I can settle with a combination of bio-forming and terraforming. If humans can terraform Mars than other planets around other stars can be terraformed. A proof of concept needs to be demonstrated. I guess in the video's scenario I would be a Martian colonist living at Olympus Mons.

This assumes that the long term effects of Mars' lower gravity isn't detrimental to human life. If it is, as the video points out, the Mars colonists would be living in orbit and working on the Martian surface. I guess that means everyone, no matter how much income they make, will have to take public transportation to work.

Realistically it would take hundreds of years to completely terraform Mars using current technology. Soil needs to be processed which takes large amounts of energy. Nitrogen is scarce on the Martian surface so ships would need to bring that in for agriculture. It would be very tough living at first. Maybe the occasional break to bow before the gold statue of Elon Musk. I hope I am joking there. If it's not a joke then the statue will be made of gold mined from Mars. The video doesn't mention Elon Musk but we all know Elon Musk had something to do with getting the colonists to Mars.

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