Thinking More About Portable Power

I am going to review Isaac Arthur's YouTube video about power generating satellites tomorrow. Tonight I want to post a thought I've had since my post yesterday about portable power.

I am a licensed amateur radio operator (callsign W3DTV). A few feet away from me I have a Wouxun KG-UV3D transceiver (yeah, that -3D at the end is one reason I got it). I have a few other handheld transceivers for emergency. As long as the batteries have power they're great but once the batteries are drained, well, maybe not completely useless. It can be an improvised blunt object and I could probably poke a post-apocalyptic scavenger's eye out with the rubber coated antenna. Without power though it is radio silence.

I moved into my current apartment almost a year ago. Before then I rented a house and had a few large solar panels and a dipole antenna. The solar panels charged a pair of deep cycle batteries. Now that I live in an apartment I should get an alkaline battery case for my radio or at least have a small solar panel setup. A little extra power is better than none in an emergency.

I might start dropping some hints to my friends for a possible birthday present...

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