Giant Robot vs. Power Exoskeleton

Apparently this is Isaac Arthur's anime science video. To be honest I would have liked this video to have spent some more time on the powered exoskeleton suits. Or if giant robots had been a separate video. I get it that giant robots are awesome and Isaac Arthur needed to explain the disadvantages of making robots bigger. I just like the idea of a human exoskeleton better.

Giant robots (or power suits) can be used to help carry massive weapons. As the video points out humans sweat a lot and moisture buildup is a downside to wearing heavy armor. A power suit with a good cooling system to dissipate heat is desirable.

There was some discussion in the video about basic warfare and the possibility was brought up around the 12:30 point in the video that in the future something like robotic knights and squires may be utilized. The robots following behind with extra ammunition and generators sounds great but maybe they could be in front acting as a shield also? Just a thought.

Isaac Arthur referred to a portable power video so I guess that will be the next video I watch.

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