Colonies Around Giant Stars

In order to keep on top of the queue I watched Isaac Arthur's latest video about colonizing giant stars such as Vega.

The cool takeaway from this video I believe is decelerating when the colonists get to the new star system. It would take a lot of on-board fuel so other alternatives are preferable. One method would be to send a probe ahead to set up a stellaser and using the momentum of the beam's photons (if your ship is like a solar sail) to lose velocity. Another is along with taking advantage of solar winds; having really great heat shields for the ship and moving along the outer edge of the star. Like aerobraking but the atmosphere is plasma.

Giant stars would tend to have more rock material orbiting around it that can be mined for things such as habitats and maybe even a partial Dyson sphere. Since giant stars give off more light than our sun there would be plenty of energy to harvest. Since giant stars burn through their fusion fuel faster there is little chance that any life has had time to evolve on any planets humans might want to occupy within the star's habitable zone.

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