Future Governments

Today I watched Isaac Arthur's YouTube video about the government types which may exist in the future. I now realize that there are as many -ocracies as there are -phobias and in a strange way it probably makes sense that would be the case.

I got an idea for a post I can make for my alternate @holovision.hypno account about hypnotic and mind control governance.

Generally I support the idea of a meritocracy. When the video mentioned the idea of individuals having more or less voting power based on merit that didn't sit as well for me. Even in a meritocracy I think "one person, one vote" works The video also mentioned with real time monitoring by computer a person's vote can be split up if during a cetain amount of time they move from one area to another for seasonal work or in retirement going to a warmer area in winter season. I think if you allow a person to split their voting power up to cover different areas the vote should be based on how much taxes you have to give each area's government.

Going back and forth between one type of government and another might be more common in the future if humanity spreads out through space and more time is set in virtual reality. With life extension technology term limits might be even more important.

One other interesting thought which was brought up was hereditary rule. The main person to found a colony could be a "first Citizen" and be something like a king or to a lesser externt a count or baron. Humans have a lot of genetic similarities between each other so genetics determining leadership seems wrong to me.

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